The Apple of Eden has shown me this strange place called I have so many queshtons!

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August 13th
8:39 PM

Thanks for the 300 followers!
OP: Hope you enjoy this little milestone video special!
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June 18th
12:09 PM

Thanks for the 200 followers!
OP: Hope you enjoy this little 200 follower special!
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May 23rd
10:39 PM

Bene, grazie. And how are you, bella?

10:39 PM

Si! So many queshtions!

10:39 PM

I suppose.

10:39 PM

Grazie mille!

10:39 PM

There should be some spare outfits in the storage area.
Be more careful, next time it could be your skin that needs stitching.

May 22nd
7:23 PM

It would my pleasure~

6:53 PM

It is really decided on a case-by-case basis.
Do not worry about being a slow runner, that is what training is for.