The Apple of Eden has shown me this strange place called I have so many queshtons!

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September 29th
9:28 AM
Hey! I know that face anywhere!

Hey! I know that face anywhere!

January 27th
11:17 AM

Sto imbarazzato!

OP: Sorry for the huge hiatus, everyone! The OP is very busy with schoolwork and job hunting at the moment and hasn’t had very much time to dedicate to this ask blog! I hope you accept the OP’s greatest apologies; being an adult is hard work! Hopefully the OP will find time in the future to answer asks but in the mean time this blog looks like it will be on hiatus for awhile longer. 

January 22nd
7:58 PM

Public Service ANNOUNCEMENT!


Beating up Duccio is considered a sport.


Please do not use pictures that I took with the apple without credit!

It takes time to look picture perfect~ ♥ Grazie!

August 28th
7:00 PM


August 23rd
1:10 PM

Grazie mille.
We can’t leave your hard work unrewarded!
Did you have something in mind? Because I can think of a few private missions we could do together…

August 22nd
5:33 PM


3:19 PM

Hookblade? What is a hookblade?

1:07 PM

Despite all my travels, I cannot help but be in love with Firenze and her beauty.

August 21st
3:18 PM

Grazie for the award, that’s very kind of you!

1:06 PM

Ask for another?